Kara Moulter 

Anica (Carbon Dreams)


Kara Moulter is a conservatory trained voice and stage actress, with credits Off- and Off-Off Broadway, and regionally throughout New England and the tri-state area. A graduate of the University of Hartford, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and (soon-to-be) Boston University's M.S in Television Writing/Producing program, Kara has recently left New England to blaze a new trail as a television writer in sunny Los Angeles. That said, she'll always be a Boston girl at heart. Go Pats!


Mackenzie Bryant

Zoey (Is There Anybody Out There?)

Bobbi (Scotch)


Mackenzie Bryant has appeared in many independent productions. She most recently appeared in the audio drama series Scotch in which she received a AudioVerse Award nomination for best actress.  Zoey is her second starring role. Learn more about Mackenzie at


Nichole Goodnight

Pixie (Pixie)


Nichole Goodnight is a Rochester, NY-based voiceover artist, known primarily for her recurring voice work on the award-winning NoSleep Podcast. Nichole is eager to expand her range and take part in new projects, particularly projects involving bizarre, idiosyncratic characters and monsters with a heart. She has many pets and is rarely seen without an interesting hair-color.


Mark Coutu 

Ryan (Is There Anybody Out There?)

Bub (Pixie)

Barista (Carbon Dreams)

Library Patron (Inhale)

Harry (Waterguns & Rainbows)


Following his dream of being a voice talent, Mark decided to leave the stability of his science lab, and join in the ranks of professional voice over. Starting in late 2015, he started doing radio commercials and is now heard on the Las Vegas radio waves, soon adding New York and Los Angeles to the places his voice has traveled to. He can also be heard online, joining the ranks of several audio dramas and animations, and even a few mobile games. When he isn't in his studio, it wouldn't be hard to hear him sitting with friends and practicing his craft around a table, during several weekly tabletop gaming sessions. He wouldn't be here if not for his late father, who was the one who gave him this gift. "It's all for you Dad."


Carrie Olsen

Tamara Tracer (Inhale)


Carrie Olsen is a voice actor, business coach, wife, and mother who has lent her voice to brands like Kmart, Taco Bell, Bank of America, REI and others. She shares her voiceover passion and expertise in her online courses, blog, and podcast. When she's not in her voiceover booth, you can find her hiding out in a coffee shop in Kansas City with her husband and daughters.


Jessica Rainville

Doctor (Carbon Dreams)

Crystal (Waterguns & Rainbows)

Charlie (Charlie’s Mailbox)


Jessica Rainville hails from New England and trains in NYC, Boston, Dallas and NH. She is a wife, mom to two corgis and a Maine coon cat, Subaru enthusiast, paranormal investigator, obsessed with the 90’s, lover of all things anime and animation. She also takes singing lessons for fun and loves to participate in local theatre.

Learn more about Jessica at


Liz Liu

Madyson (The Behemoth & Izzy)


Star of the ‘The Behemoth’, Liz is a mild mannered student by day, Lizbeth Liu stands in closets and records herself talking at night. After being cast as “Boy #2” in a radio play, she gained the confidence to pursue her dream of voice acting. Since then, she has been lucky enough to be involved in Altered Avalon, Skynetessa, and many other cool projects. In the future, Lizbeth hopes to have more opportunities to stand in closets while talking to herself.


Meredith Hama Brown

Fiona Potts ( The Fiona Potts Interview)


Meredith Hama-Brown is a writer, director and actor from Vancouver, British Columbia. As an actor she has appeared in a number of independent and commercial productions. She has recently worked with many up-and-coming directors, including Room Collective, Matthew Tichenor and Devan Scott/Will Ross.


Dan Zappulla

Dennis Milton ( The Fiona Potts Interview)


Based just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Dan Zappulla is a seasoned voice actor most widely known for his work on The NoSleep Podcast and the upcoming dramatic podcast The Death of Dr. John Parker. The Fiona Potts Interview is his first appearance in a Rick Coste production.


For more information, please visit or follow Dan on Twitter @danzappulla.


Loraine Ansell

Milly Bright ( Bryar Lane)


Lorraine Ansell is an experienced voiceover artist and focuses on characters weaving stories through the power of her vocal delivery. She enjoys working on characters that have a story to tell from children to 30s and in British RP and Spanish LAS. Lorraine is located in the UK but works globally.


Kelly McCabe

Izzy (Izzy)


Kelly studied theatre at SUNY Geneseo, Emerson College and Boston University. She has worked with a variety of theatres in the Boston and San Francisco area, including Interrobang Theatre Co, TheatreWorks and Boston Playwrights Theatre. She is currently the voice of Nica Stamatis on the speculative fiction podcast, Greater Boston.


Brent Davidson

Jordan ( Waterguns & Rainbows)


Brent Davidson has a BA in Theater from Angelo State University.  You can find out more about Brent and connect with him on Facebook.


Courtney Chu

Regan (Inhale)

Janessa (Izzy)


Courtney Chu is a 12 year old actress and singer, who loves God, animals, scooters, books and, of course acting! She is thrilled to be teaming with Modern Audio Drama again! Other radio drama credits include Izzy, Christmas is Coming and the Peabody Award winning podcast Mars Patel.  She recently signed-on as a series regular for PBS's Emmy-winning Cyber Chase For Real. Other works include short films and numerous voice-overs for feature film, tv and radio including Miss Hokusai, Superwings and Magic Adventures. She also enjoys the thrill of the live performance on stage, with her favorite roles being Jane Banks in Mary Poppins and Ngana in South Pacific.  She has released two singles and is a proud member of Broadway Kids Against Bullying, raising money for the National non-profit organization, No Bully, and was was a soloist on the steps of the NYC Public Library's PEN America event, a rally to celebrate freedom of speech, press and expression. She enjoys modeling and has done numerous print and internet work.


Christina Donlon

Charlene (Carbon Dreams)


Christina Donlon is a New Hampshire native who is rediscovering her creative side.  She resides in Seacoast New England with her husband, Tyler. While she works in the medical field by day, she has always had a love for theatre and is enjoying getting reacquainted in the arts.


Melissa Benson 

Terry (Carbon Dreams)


Melissa Benson has a music and theater background.  She has appeared in theatrical productions of The Wizard of Oz, The Music Man, and Bye Bye Birdie.  Her lifelong dream is to play Olaf’s girlfriend in the Frozen franchise.


Tiffany Howcroft

Roxanne (Carbon Dreams)


Owen McCuen

Waine (Pixie)

Kevin (Carbon Dreams)


Owen McCuen is an actor and voice over artist with a gift for expressive portrayals. In front of the camera or in the booth, Owen draws his inspiration from legendary performers like Mel Blanc and Jim Henson-- His ability to inhabit a character brings your scripts to life. Owen has been studying with renowned voice artist and coach Joanne Joella of Joella Arts since 2004. Under her guidance, Owen has earned roles in audio drama, radio, internet, television, and film. Expert training, a powerful work ethic, and passion for performing: Recruit a strong member of your artistic team; contact Owen and make your scripts come alive!


James Oliva

Beel (Pixie)


Currently the voice of Michael Tate on popular audio podcast drama Greater Boston, he has also had guest appearances on Ars Paradoxica, The Strange Case of Starship Iris, Seminar, Big Data, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers and Radiation World. He was a finalist for an 2016 Audio Verse Award in the category of Best Performance of an Actor in an Original Ensemble Role for a Long Form Production. James also has his own podcast drama that he has written and directed called What’s The Frequency?


Jeremy Smith-Sebasto

Louis (Pixie)


Jeremy Smith-Sebasto is a voice actor, casting director, composer, and audio engineer. Equally at home behind the mic, in the control room, gathering fellow voice talent, or writing a score; he enjoys functioning behind the scenes of a production. Jeremy pulls from both his scientific upbringing and his indomitable free-spirit to blend the proper balance of technique and artistry in every production. A perpetual student, Jeremy is a lover of the philosophy of storytelling/mythology, which helps him to bring a unique perspective to each and every story.


Fiona Thraille

The Goddess (Pixie)


Lane Lloyd

Grissel (Pixie)


Karim Kronfli

Thulu (Pixie)


Karim has been a professional performer for more than 20 years,originally working as a medieval entertainer.  With plays and film added to his professional repertoire, Karim now loves directing as much as performing.  Trained at City Lit in London after first working behind the microphone at BFBS, he specializes in narration and audio drama.

He has a powerful and flexible voice, capable of delivering a wide range of characters. Listeners may recognize as Karim as "Walter 'Troubles' Mix“ from What's The Frequency, “Bruce Mercer” from A Scottish Podcast or Commander Taggart” from The Galaxy Quest Restoration Project,  

You can follow him on Twitter @BullshotUK or FaceBook


Jack Tracksler

Gravy (Carbon Dreams)


Jack Tracksler is a voice artist and actor.  He has lent his voice to commercials, radio spots, and narration.  An accomplished actor, Jack has appeared on stage and in feature films that include, most recently, Finding Hope, Harvey the Great, and Pretend.  


Learn  more about Jack and his work at


Keith Gorney

Paul Weaver (Inhale)


Full time technologist, part time author, restorer of old cars, husband and father of three with enough time left over to try his hand at voice acting. His fiction focuses on the darker side of humanity. His tastes in audio drama cover all genres.  A fan of old time radio since childhood, modern audio drama allows him to perform in the theater of the mind. Writing credits include ‘Bedtime Story’ in Hannibal's Manor (Wicked East Press), ‘Music for an Enchanted End’ in Wicked Bag of Fantasy Tales (Wicked East Press),  ‘Cold Love’ in Cover Of Darkness (Sam's Dot Publishing),  ‘Immorality Imparted’ in Under the Bed Vol. 4, No. 7 (, and  ‘Soul Vehicle’ in Nebula Rift Vol.4 No. 4 (


Joe Stofko

Mr. Merritt (Inhale)


From musician to broadcasting to theatre, Joe is an accomplished stage and audio drama actor who even has some indie film experience. Some of his favorite stage credits include Martin Vanderhoff in You Can’t Take It With You, Captain Bracket in South Pacific and Pop in Gypsy.  His audio credits include appearances in dramas for a number of production companies including Misfits Audio, BrokenSea, Campfire Radio Theatre, Colonial Radio Theater, Electric Vicuna Productions, Precarious Audio, Decorated Air Theater, Small Town Podcast/Creepy Podcast, NARADA Radio Company, Harvest Audio Productions and many others.

Joe lives in Connecticut.


Micah Hanks

Broadcaster ( Izzy)


Micah Hanks is a writer, researcher and podcaster who has worked as an audio engineer for more than a decade. After six years in terrestrial radio markets working as a copywriter and voice talent, he became a podcaster in 2011, which he now does full time with his programs The Gralien Report and Middle Theory, in addition to appearances on other podcasts and occasional freelance work. For more information about Micah and his work, you can visit his website,


Raymond Edwards

Quarrel ( Izzy)

Narrator (Pixie)


For over 20 years Raymond Edwards has had the opportunity to proudly represent Trinidad and Tobago in a variety of ways using his singing and speaking voice.  He has also served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Office of the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. In 2006 his debut album Ray of Hope was launched in Trinidad and Tobago and received significant airplay and rave reviews. Raymond has worked in broadcast media since 1998 in a variety of capacities giving him a treasure trove of experience working in various broadcast settings and environments allowing him to uniquely tailor his performance to suit the audience.


In 2015 Raymond launched Edwards Media Services and works quietly as a Media Consultant and Voice Artiste for the Caribbean and Global marketplace.


Faraz Iqbal

Taxi Driver ( Waterguns & Rainbows)


Faraz Iqbal, aka Bodee, is from Queens, NY. His education background includes a BA in Media Studies and a NASM Personal Training Certification. At his core he is a freelance Actor & Model passionate about the TV & Film industry. One of his goals is to engage in new and exciting entertainment projects on a consistent basis.


Robert Cudmore

Tam ( The Fiona Potts Interview)


Robert is a podcaster, radio lecturer and audio drama creator, having starred in Edict Zero, Aftermath and Campfire Radio Theater.


Kevin Kolack

Baker ( The Fiona Potts Interview)


Kevin has been seen in more than three dozen films and TV shows, and has appeared in stand-up comedy clubs around NYC, in addition to touring the country putting on a one-man, multiple-puppet show. Possessing an unusually broad facility with character voice work, you may also hear one of his many voices in a variety of television and radio commercials and cartoons. Learn more about Kevin and his work at


William Williams

Grandfather ( Charlie’s Mailbox)


William Williams has done voice overs for clients all over the world.  He is based in Los Angeles, California and has produced and directed many radio commercials.  William also owns and operates Aliso Creek Productions, a digital recording studio in Burbank (near Los Angeles).


Jennifer M. Dixon

Millicent Bright ( Bryar Lane)

Madyson’s Mother (The Behemoth)


Jennifer is a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Licensed Counselor and a veteran of the Michigan Opera and community theaters. She explores the power of words and music to motivate, inspire ,provoke and soothe.  You can contact Jennifer at


David Ault

The Journalist( Bryar Lane)


David Ault he won the inaugural Best Actor award at the Audioverse Awards for his role as Byron in The Byron Chronicles in 2013 and has played the lead roles in Colonial Radio Theatre’s releases of Moonfleet and War of the Worlds. You can also hear him weekly on the wonderfully spooky No Sleep Podcast.


Eric Molinky

Jake( Scotch)


Eric Molinsky is the host of the podcast Imaginary Worlds on the Panoply network. He’s produced stories for Studio 360, The New Yorker Radio Hour, 99% Invisible, Marketplace, un-Fictional, NPR and WNYC’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered.